ETN4 Transformer
PN 62-0740

The power supply for ETN4 dispensers.

Up to 12dispensers can be powered by this transformer.

Wall Mount Plate
PN 506-0552

Required for mounting each dispenser and

Bottle Holder
PN 56-0808

Required for mounting the liquor bottle on each dispenser. Not required for bulk dispensers.

Regular PN 506-0191/Large PN 506-0449

Spare parts for bottle holders. Available in
regular & large sizes.

15ml PN 506-0728-15/30ml 506-0728-30

Available for 15ml and 30ml.

15ml PN 56-0467/30ml PN 56-0468

Available for 15ml and 30ml.

15ml PN 56-0607/30ml PN 56-0605

Available for 15ml and 30ml.

Bulk Adapter
PN 75-0598

Can be installed to convert bottle dispensers
to bulk.

For information on our complete range of ETN4 spare parts please contact us.