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ETN4A 15ml & 30ml Bottle Dispensers

  • Fully certified & sealed as compliant with NMI requirements
  • Digital counter for stock control
  • Simple to use, low-impact touch pad
  • Dispensing indicator lights
  • Non-drip bottle loading
  • Bottle lock-out when the bottle is empty

Features of the ETN4

The ETN4 has all the features a modern bar needs. Easy to operate and maintain for busy bar staff, the ETN4 will add to your bars aesthetic while also providing accurate servings through the digital counter that ensures consistency and greater profitability in your bar.

Power Supply Unit

The ETN4’s power supply unit has the capability to control up to 30 units from one power supply. Power supply units are also lockable for security purposes.

Bowl Assembly

The unit comes with an expansion chamber, measuring bowl and dispensing valve. This can be released and cleaned separately.

Bottle Changing & Replacement

Simply insert the bottle holder into the neck of the bottle, then place the upside down bottle onto the ETN4 and you’re ready to go!

Measuring Bowl

The factory-set displacement valve ensures accurate measurements every time.

Digital Counter

A resettable digital counter records every shot dispensed for accurate tracking and dispensing.

Server Button

The server button is a simple, easy to use one-touch button that makes pouring a smooth and easy experience.


Unit Size: 170mm high x 125mm deep x 105mm wide.

Power Supply: Input – 220-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 100VA

Output: 26.5-27VDC at0.5Acont. & 2.5Aint.

25% duty cycle & 4.5 VDCat100mA & 3.2 VDC Battery back-up.

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  • 30ml spirit pourer
  • bar drink dispenser

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