Electronic Spirit Dispensers for Economic and Convenient Service    

Every savvy venue owner should always be seeking more ways to make their business more efficient, both for profit and to increase customer satisfaction. If you work in a hospitality venue that serves alcohol, an electronic liquor dispenser is a fantastic way to achieve exactly that. At Spirit Dispensers Australia, we offer spirit dispensing equipment at the most affordable prices in the industry .

Make your business more efficient

Running a hospitality business can be a costly operation. There are so many overheads to consider, and you want to reduce those wherever possible. Using efficient equipment is one way to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your venue. With an electronic spirit dispenser, serving customers has never been so quick and efficient, which will improve customer satisfaction. Everyone loves fast service!

This onetime cost will save you money, potentially into the thousands, indefinitely into the future. Not only will they decrease wastage, you can keep track of what is being used in your venue much easier. ETN4 spirit dispensers are reliable, low maintenance and government certified wall mounted dispensers. Installed in more than 1000 venues in Australia, this machine comes with an electronic nip counter for better stock control.

Get your electronic alcohol dispenser with us today

If you’ve been racking your brains for ways to improve your venue and increase profits, as well as improve your customer service, there is no better way than through installing a spirit dispenser. If you have any questions about our products or services, don’t hesitate to give us a call, and we can answer your queries.

NIL WASTAGE !                    SAVE UP TO 15% !


  • 15ml & 30ml dispensing options
  • Nil Wastage (15% loss by over pouring when using nip measures)
  • Faster Service – no delay between pours
  • Electronic counter for better stock control
  • Fully certified by Australian Government
  • Reliable & virtually maintenance free
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ETN4 Spirit Dispenser – For bottles

Don’t over pour your spirits! These
government licensed spirit dispensers
have already been installed in over 1000
venues Australia wide. They are proven
product savers, reliable & virtually maintenance
free – with less than 12 months payback!
Available in both 15ml & 30ml dispensing
options, they are simple to use with no delay
between pours & zero wastage. Each unit is
equipped with an electronic counter for better stock control.

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ETN4 Spirit Dispenser – Bulk

Designed to save even more by using liquor
purchased in bulk. Available in 15ml & 30ml
options and equipped with an electronic
counter for better stock control.

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