Spare Parts

Power Supply Unit

Designed to control up to 12 dispensers from one power supply. Incorporates lockable key switches for both power supply and counter reset. Standard 240V plug. Input 240V AC / Output 27V DC.

Wiring Loom

Simple to connect and disconnect

Wall Mount Plate

3-screw easy mounting. Designed to clip together

Bottle Holder

Designed for most bottle sizes with a non-drip valve for no-waste insertion onto the dispenser


Standard size or large size. Minimum 5 per pack.

Evaporation Prevention Disc

Prevents product loss to evaporation and prevents bar fly contamination

Touch Buttons

Pouring couldn’t be simpler. Low impact, easy single touch. Minimum 5 per pack

Bowl Assembly

Expansion chamber, measuring bowl and dispensing valve. Certified and sealed under license No. SL-0077
We are the leading supplier of ETN4 electronic liquor dispensers in Australia.

ETN4 spirit dispensers provide a high quality and cost-effective solution to your spirit dispensing needs. We are dedicated to providing you with the fastest and most reliable supply, repair and validation service.
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